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Freezing pipes

Do you have problems making modifications in your central heating?

We have the solution: freezing pipes

One of the biggest problems we find in households with central heating is the great difficulty involved in any modification or adaptation of the central heating circuit or radiators, and even the inability to touch it in many cases.

To be able to modify the installation, it is essential that the circuit does not have pressure and therefore does not carry water, which means emptying the entire circuit.

The realisation of this emptying involves a cost, normally it has to be done by the maintenance company, but above all it means leaving the entire household without heating for a period of time.

Many communities do not allow emptying during the heating operation period, normally from October to March, and in this way prevent the realisation of any reform from harming the rest of the neighbours. Which means that during these months the reform can not be carried out, and in the case of an owner who has recently acquired the house, he will have to wait 6-7 months to complete the works.

This problem has a solution, a specific machinery to do this type of work and make changes to central heating without emptying the circuit, all thanks to the freezing of the pipe that reaches the radiator. Its use very simple and fast, since it is connected to any outlet and through a clamp that the equipment freezes the pipe in a few minutes.

Once frozen, an internal ice cap is created that prevents the passage of water, so you can cut the necessary length of pipe and place a valve. Once we have the valve, the problem is solved and we can modify the interior circuit as and when we want, since we have it independent of the rest of the community facility.

This intervention does not imply any kind of disorder or modification of the central circuit, so there is no need to take any special precautions or give any warning to the community.

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