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Blocked Drains

Hair, grease, common household cleaning agents and tree roots are common causes of blocked drains.

Unpleasant smells coming from your sewer or outside waste pipes can be an inconvenience at any time. As soon as your toilet, kitchen, bathroom or laundry waste pipes start to drain slow or give off an unpleasant odour it sounds like it’s time to get your waste pipes cleaned.

If you need help with your blocked sewer drain or blocked storm water drain, we have the right solution for you. We can clear clogged drains throughout your house – whether it’s in the bathroom, laundry, kitchen with a high pressure water blaster, which will cut and clean your drainage pipes perfectly. We can clear external drains also, depending on your needs.

Only when your pipes and drains have been checked can a true indication be given of what needs to be repaired. It can be as simple as 1/2m section of pipe is causing the problem and this will be a lot cheaper to repair than replacing the whole pipe. We recommend replacing your whole sewerage piping to guarantee never having a problem again.

Not only do you need the right equipment. You need a plumber who is experienced with all areas of blocked drains including clearing blocked drains or cleaning blocked drains.

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